Let's do good better, together.

Grey Fox is a new marketing and communications consultancy, led by me: Ben Capper.

I do lots of things to help organisations communicate more effectively. 

I love branding. I love strategy. I love campaigns. Nothing excites me more than a blank piece of paper.


But there's an important thread through everything that I do.

I help organisations to do good, better.

What does "good" mean?

One person's "good" is not the same as another person's. I get that. But for me, "good" means a few common things.

It means:

- improving people's life chances

- improving health and wellbeing

- increasing access to education or employment

- increasing connections and community

- creating new inventions and concepts that help people live better.

Whether you're public, third or private sector, you probably do one of these things.

But what does "better" mean?

This is where I come in. I'll help you to define exactly what this looks like, and help you to reach it.

For me, "better" can mean:

- reaching more people

- being more authentic

- generating more income

- creating a sense of pride in your workforce

- redesigning how you interact with your users

- connecting, inspiring and supporting people to engage with you.

And this is what I love about marketing and communications. It has the unique remit and power to do all of these things, by understanding your audiences, and what they need to make positive decisions. 

Formulating that creative solution, seeing it through, and measuring the outcome, is what drives me to do what I do.

That's how you do good, better. 

Get in touch, and let's do it together.